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FOREVER has helped millions of people, from all around the world, achieve dreams that they never imagined possible.

FOREVER has given me the chance to share a wonderful opportunity and amazing products with the entire world. I have achieved financial independence and better health through this amazing opportunity. If you are serious about your health and taking control of your financial future, then FOREVER is the perfect opportunity for you!Forever living business opportunity Whatsapp 0813459985 I am Barnabas Makutu Forever living Business Owner in South Africa, i would like to partner with anyone around the world to make a Solid Business. When i say Business Owner i mean, i operate like a frenchise,i use forever living logo and all marketing materials.  This is how we get our profit,but the main business here is not profit but to build teams to earn more money. If you sell products for R6100.00 , this is what will be your profit. PROFIT Novus R6100.00 x15%=R915.00 Ass Sup R6100.00 x35%=R2135.00 Sup R6100.00 x38%=R2318.00 Ass Mangr R6100.00 x43%=R2632.00 Manager. R6100.00 x47%=R2928.00 When you Reach a level and all your people do 4cc this is what you will get. BONUS RECAP  Supervisor........ R5600.00+  AssManager...R13400.00+  Manager..........R27000.00+  SeniorManagerR60000.00+  SoaringManagerR105000.00+ Upto unlimited money depend on how you work This business is very simple and easy to do beside that,i will be working with you full time, to guide and teach you,everyday untill you are able to work alone.  The first clients are people on your phone and those that you just know, i will also help you with people to work with you.  You will be recruiting and selling forever living products, you don't go door to door but talk to people in your phone and on social media, you only take your products with you when someone placed an order.  The main Business is to Recruit,thats what makes more money.Selling is just Extra income to keep you loaded. Simple right! Now! You buy Quater Stock for R1525.00 ,Half stock R3050.00 0r Full stock R6100.00 profit is yours. Then we sell and recruit together untill we reach R6100.00 if you have not started with Full stock.When this amount is reached you will be promoted to Assistant Supervisor. Remember you will get Recap bonus if someone start to work with us. If you dont have Money to start i am here.Talk to me,there is nothing impossible. This great!       FOREVER LIVING HAS * 40 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS *OPERATING OVER 160 COUNTRIES. * 30 DAYS MONEY BACK.                Rare to find! IF WE GET 2 PEOPLE AND THOSE 2 GET 2-2 each ,THEN YOU WILL BE PROMOTED TO SUPERVISOR AND EARN R5600+ pm.  If you recruit one person and become part of our company you get R924.00 once off plus R308.00 bonus. 35% profit for your stock, Profit is yours.e.g R6100.00 stock gives R2100.00 Profit. I will help u to do well because i am the one ,who know how we should work and make money simple.  You can get to this position in 4months, if you give it 2 to 3 hours of your time daily. When you Qualify for forever to drive you will get a car of your choice paid for 3years International Trips 2 times in a year. Those incentive are minimum the harder u work the more money u will make.  Senior Manager R60000.00 + pm,Up to unlimited incentive depending on how you work. This is what i will do for you if you become part of my Team. 1.Help with Delivery of your Stock to you. 2.Help you on Recruiting and Selling. 3.Be your Mentor. 4.Do presentation to your people if they get interested they will join under your name. 5.Give you Tips and Strategies that FBO's use to be successful. If you are interested in this business please feel free to Join online or contact me +27813459985 (Whatsapp)(Call)(Sms) or get me on Facebook Edwin makutu